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OECD Road Safety Research

isbn: 92-64-12814-X
Published: 1986 (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD92-64-12814-X): OECD Scientific Experts Group (Wegman, F.C.M.; Schreuder, D.A., e.a.)
The report summarises the results and conclusions of road safety studies undertaken within the Road Safety Research Programme. It pinpoints those OECD recommendations that are of continuing validity...

Opvattingen over politietoezicht op rijden onder invloed

Publication/report R-86-16
Published: 1986 (SWOV): Gundy, Drs. C.M., SWOV ; Verschuur, W.L.G., Rijksuniversiteit Leiden

Rapporten, publikaties, brochures en artikelen in 1985

Publication/report R-86-2
Published: 1986 (SWOV): SWOV

Safety barriers for motorways

Publication/report R-86-24
Published: 1986 (SWOV): Schoon, Ing. C.C. ; Heijer, Ir. T.; Pol, Ing.W.H.M. van de ; Jordaan, D.J.R