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Policy making on road design standards

Publication/report R-76-22
Published: 1976 (SWOV): Flury, Ir. F.C
Also presented to the Select Committee on Highway Safety on Ontario, Canada; Voorburg, 4 October 1976.

Requirements for crash helmets for moped riders

Publication/report R-76-40
Published: 1976 (SWOV): Noordzij, Drs. P.C. a.o.

Rijden onder invloed

Publication/report Publikatie 1976-5N
Published: 1976 (SWOV): Noordzij, psychol.drs. P.C.

Snorfiets, veilig of niet?

Publication/report Publikatie 1976-1N
Published: 1976 (SWOV): Blokpoel, A.; Harris, M.A, S.