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What makes a good team? - Towards the assessment of driver-vehicle cooperation

Published: 2021 (ACM): Petermeijer, S.M.; Tinga, A.M.; Reus, A. de; Jansen, R.J.; Waterschoot, B.M. van
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,HMI
With the introduction of driving automation, the driving task has become a shared task between driver and vehicle. Today, an increasing amount of driving tasks can be performed by the automation and...

LEVITATE: Road safety impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles

Published: 2021 (H2020 Levitate project): Weijermars, W.; Hula, A.; Chaudhry, A.; Sha, S.; Zwart, R. de; Mons, C.; Boghani, H.
Tags: Risks, Technology & ITS, International,
Connected and automated transport systems (CATS) are expected to be introduced in increasing numbers over the next decades. Moreover, they are expected to have considerable impacts on mobility,...

Mediator system and functional requirements

Published: 2021 (European Commission): Cleij, D.; Bakker, B.; Borowsky, A.; Christoph, M.; Fiorentino, A.; Grondelle, E. van; Mano, D.; Nes, N. van
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
Vehicle automation is developing rapidly, with substantial potential to improve mobility effectivity and efficiency of road transport. Vehicle automation can also have a large effect on safety, since...

Risico’s bij de interactie tussen een Super EcoCombi en medeweggebruikers

Publication/report R-2021-5
Published: 2021 (SWOV): Dijkstra, A.
Tags: Transport mode, Freight and delivery traffic, Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
De Super EcoCombi (SEC) is een vrachtvoertuigcombinatie met een trekker en achtereenvolgens een standaard oplegger, een dolly en nog een standaard oplegger. De totale lengte van deze combinatie is... Read more

Are there any significant differences in terms of age and sex in pedestrian and cyclist accidents?

Published: 2021 : Leo, C.; Rizzi, M.C.; Bos, N.M.; Davidse, R.J.; Linder, A.; Tomasch, E.; Klug, C.
Tags: Transport mode, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Risks, Technology & ITS,
This study has analyzed sex-specific differences in pedestrian and cyclist accidents involving passenger cars. The most frequently injured body regions, types of injuries, which show sex-specific...

Driver state and mental workload

isbn: 9780081026717
Published: 2021 (Elsevier Ltd.): Waard, D. de; Nes, N. van
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
Mental workload plays a central role in driver behavior. Unlike physical workload, mental workload is difficult to quantify as it is the result of the interaction between the task to perform, that is...

Quantified markers for degraded automation performance

Published: 2021 (European Commission): Mano, D.; Berger, N.; Larsson, A.; Brännström, M.; Knauss, A.; Toffetti, A.; Khorramian, K.; Bakker, B.; Christoph, M.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
Vehicle automation has the potential to improve driving safety and driver comfort. The Mediator system aims to aid the realization of this potential by mediating between the driver and the automation...

HMI Functional Requirements

Published: 2021 (European Commission): Grondelle, E.D. van; Zeumeren, I. van; Bjorneseth, F.; Borowsky, A.; Chandran, T.; Cleij, D.; …; Christoph, M.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
The goal of the activities described in this deliverable, is to determine the Functional Requirements for the design of a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for vehicles that offer (partially) autonomous...

HUMANIST 2018 – Emerging issues in human factors of vehicle automation: Introduction to the special issue of TRF

Published: 2020 : Morris, A.; Nes, N. van; Dukic-Willstrand, T.; Charlton, S.G.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
Vehicle automation technology is progressing rapidly, and vehicle manufacturers now have the capability to manufacture a wholly self-driving vehicle that can cope with the demands of many traffic...

Verkenning kwaliteit gedeelde rijtaak: eindrapport

Publication/report NLR-CR-2021-058
Published: 2021 (Stichting Nederlands Lucht- en Ruimtevaartcentrum NLR): Petermeijer, B.; Tinga, A.; Reus, A. de
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
De OvV-rapportage 'Wie stuurt? Verkeersveiligheid en automatisering in het wegverkeer' concludeert onder andere dat het momenteel ontbreekt aan een goede monitoring en evaluatie van de huidige...... Read more