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Cycling safe and sound; The impact of quiet electric cars, listening to music and conversing on the phone on cyclists’ auditory perception and cycling safety

isbn: 978-90-73946-16-3
Published: 2018 (SWOV): Stelling-Kończak, A.
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,

Monitor Verkeersveiligheid 2018

Publication/report R-2018-16
Published: 2018 (SWOV): Weijermars, W.; Moore, K.; Goede, M. de; Goldenbeld, Ch.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Risks, Policy,Safety; traffic; injury; fatality; severity (accid
In 2017 vielen 613 doden en 20.800 ernstig gewonden in het Nederlandse wegverkeer. Over de laatste tien jaar daalde het aantal verkeersdoden met gemiddeld 2,2% per jaar. De laatste jaren stagneert de... Read more

Monitor Verkeersveiligheid 2018 - Achtergrondinformatie en onderzoeksverantwoording

Publication/report R-2018-16A
Published: 2018 (SWOV): Weijermars, W.A.M.; Goldenbeld, Ch.; Goede, M. de; Moore, K.; Mons, C; Bijleveld, F.D.; Bos, N.M.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Risks, Policy,Safety; traffic; injury; fatality; severity (accid
Dit rapport dient als achtergrondrapport en onderzoeksverantwoording bij de Monitor Verkeersveiligheid 2018 (R-2018-16) en bespreekt: ontwikkelingen in aantallen verkeersdoden en ernstig... Read more

Scootmobielongevallen: karakteristieken, ongevalstypen en kansrijke maatregelen om de veiligheid te verbeteren

Publication/report R-2018-15A
Published: 2018 (SWOV): Davidse, R.J.; Duijvenvoorde, K. van; Louwerse, W.J.R.; Boele-Vos, M.J.; Stelling-Konczak, A.; Algera, A.J.
Tags: Transport mode, Other modes of traffic, Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,Mobility (pers); disabled person; road user; behaviour; urban area; in depth; method; interview; evaluation (...
Dit rapport doet verslag van een SWOV-dieptestudie naar scootmobielongevallen die plaatsvonden op de openbare weg. Bij een dieptestudie naar verkeersongevallen wordt zo veel mogelijk gedetailleerde... Read more

Adherence to driving cessation advice given to patients with cognitive impairment and consequences for mobility

Published: 2018 : Piersma, D.; Fuermaier, A.B.M.; Waard, D. de; Davidse, R.J.; Groot, J. de; Doumen, M.J.A.; Ponds, R.W.H.M.; Deyn, P.P. de; Brouwer, W.H.; Tucha, O.
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
Background Driving is related to social participation; therefore older drivers may be reluctant to cease driving. Continuation of driving has also been reported in a large proportion of patients with...

Recording of alcohol in official crash statistics: underreporting and procedures to improve statistics

Published: 2018 : Vissers, L.; Houwing, S.; Wegman, F.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Risks,
Worldwide 1.25 million people die in road crashes every year and it is widely recognized that drink driving is an important risk-increasing factor. Official statistics of alcohol-related crashes are...

Sustainable Safety 3rd edition – The advanced vision for 2018-2030

isbn: 978-90-73946-17-0
Published: 2018 (SWOV): SWOV
Tags: Transport mode, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Passenger car, Risks, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement, Education,Traffic; safety; sustainable safety; theory...
The vision of Sustainable Safety is an optimal approach to improve road safety, originating from the Netherlands. It is a vision that is shared by many road safety professionals. A sustainably safe...

Distraction in traffic

31 Jul 2018
Tags: Risks,
The mobile phone is symbolic of ‘distraction in traffic’. But apart from mobile calls, texting, or listening to music, many drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are occupied with all sorts of other...... Read more

Risicogestuurd verkeersveiligheidsbeleid. Wat is het en wat kun je ermee?

Published: 2016 : Aarts, L.
Tags: Risks, Policy,
De laatste tijd zien we het steeds vaker in verkeersveiligheidsstukken opduiken: risicogestuurd verkeersveiligheidsbeleid. Dit artikel gaat nader in op wat dit precies inhoudt. Aan de hand van enkele... Read more

SAFERWHEELS Study on powered two-wheeler and bicycle accidents in the EU

Published: 2018 (European Commission): Morris, A.P.; Brown, L.A.; Thomas, P.; Davidse, R.J.; Phan, V.; Margaritis, D.; Usami, D.; Robibaro, M.; Krupińska, A.; Sicińska, K.; Ziakopoulos, A.; Theofilatos, A.; Yannis, G.
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
Road Safety remains a major societal issue within the European Union. In 2014, some 26,000 people died and more than 203,500 were seriously injured on the roads of Europe, i.e. the equivalent of a...