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A road safety information system: from concept to implementation

Publication/report D-2001-14
Published: 2001 (SWOV): Wegman, Fred
Tags: Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Road safety in numbers, Technology & ITS, Education, Transport mode, Risks, Infrastructure, Enforcement, International,safety
It is a proven fact that road safety problems are not unsolvable: what is man-made can also be unmade by man. This leads to questions such as which priorities to set, which measures to take, which...

Verkeersveiligheid in Zuid-Nederland

Publication/report R-2001-20
Published: 2001 (SWOV): Janssen, Ir. S.T.M.C.; Wesemann, mr. P.
Tags: Policy, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic, Risks, Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Technology & ITS, Enforcement, Education, International,region
De drie provincies Zeeland, Noord-Brabant en Limburg zijn verenigd in de Alliantie Zuid-Nederland en hebben een gezamenlijk duurzaam-veiligbeleid voor de periode 2002-2010. Op verzoek van de... Read... Read more