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Road deaths in the Netherlands

18 Apr 2019
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,Cijfers
This fact sheet covers road deaths: the annual number in the Netherlands, how this has developed since 1950 and common characteristics such as modes of transport, age groups and crash locations....... Read more


Het effect van buurtacties in 30km/uur-straten van vijf gemeenten

Published: 2019 (CROW): Bax, C.; Goldenbeld, C.; Petegem, J.H. van; Mons, C.; Commandeur, J.; Hoekstra, T.; Tuijp, I.
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic,
Dit onderzoek bekeek het effect van buurtacties op gereden snelheden en op verkeersveiligheidsgevoelens van bewoners in vijf 30km/uur-straten. De buurtacties bestonden bijvoorbeeld uit... Read more


Assessment of the Action Plan and of regional instruments

Published: 2018 (European Commission): Mignot, D.; Carnis, L.; Adoléhoumé, A.; Aketch, S.; Anthony, E.; Etienne, V.; Fernandez, E.; Lassarre, S.; Remacle, E.; Sanon, C.; Schermers, G.; Usami, D.-S.; Welsh, R.; Wismans, J.; Yerpez, J.; Zagre, T.; Zammataro, S.
Tags: Policy, International,
According to the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 of WHO (WHO, 2015), “road traffic injuries claim more than 1.2 million lives each year and have a huge impact on health and development”....



Advies herziening kader toelating bijzondere bromfietsen

Publication/report R-2019-9
Published: 2019 (SWOV): Goede, M. de; Christoph, M.W.T.; Stelling-Kończak, A; Aarts, L.T.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Policy,
Nieuwe typen licht gemotoriseerde voertuigen, zoals elektrische steps of sta-driewielers, passen vaak niet binnen de Europese regelgeving die bepaalt of ze mogen worden toegelaten op de openbare weg... Read more

The European road safety decision support system on risks and measures

Published: 2019 : Martensen, H.; Diependaele, K.; Daniels, S.; Van den Berghe, W.; Papadimitriou, E.; Yannis, G.; Schagen, I. van; Weijermars, W.; Wijnen, W.; Filtness, A.; Talbor, R.; Thomas, P.; Machata, K.; Aigner Breuss, E.; Kaiser, S.; Hermitte, T.; Thomson, R.; Elvik
Tags: Policy, International,
The European Road Safety Decision Support System ( is an innovative system providing the available evidence on a broad range of road risks and possible countermeasures. This paper...