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Differentiatie verkeersveiligheid spitsstroken

Published: 2015 (SWOV): Drolenga, H.; Koppen, J.; Stipdonk, H.; Commandeur, J.; Taal, H.
Tags: Infrastructure,
Het huidige kennisniveau over de verkeersveiligheid van spitsstroken is niet toereikend om de invloed van spitsstroken op de verkeersveiligheid mee te laten wegen in de vergelijking tussen... Read... Read more

Investeren in verkeersveiligheid: Vijf maatregelen om het fundament op orde te krijgen

Publication/brochure SPV-D5
Published: 2019 (Kennisnetwerk Strategisch Plan Verkeersveiligheid): SWOV; CROW
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy, Enforcement,

Topic analysis of Road safety inspections using latent dirichlet allocation: A case study of roadside safety in Irish main roads

Published: 2019 : Roque, C.; Cardoso, J.L.; Connell, T.; Schermers, G; Weber, R.
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy, International,
Under the Safe System framework, Road Authorities have a responsibility to deliver inherently safe roads and streets. Addressing this problem depends on knowledge of the road network safety...

Red light cameras revisited. Recent evidence on red light camera safety effects

Published: 2019 : Goldenbeld, C.; Daniels, S.; Schermers, G.
Tags: Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
The aim of this paper is to update the most recent published evidence on road safety estimates of recent red light camera (RLC) and speed/red light camera studies (SRLC). A literature search was...

Road categorisation and design of self explaining roads

Published: 2006 (European Commission): Matena, S.; Weber, R; Louwerse, W.; Drolenga, H.; Vaneerdewegh, P.; Pokorny, P.; Gaitanidou, L.; Hollo, P.; Moksari, T.; Elvik, R.; Cardoso, J.
Tags: Infrastructure, International,

Accident prediction models and road safety impact assessment: results of the pilot studies

Published: 2007 (European Commission): Eenink, R.; Reurings, M.; Elvik, R.; Cardoso, J.; Wichert, S.; Stefan, C.
Tags: Infrastructure, International,

Dodelijke verkeersongevallen op rijkswegen in 2017

Publication/report R-2019-8
Published: 2019 (SWOV): Davidse, R.J.; Louwerse, W.J.R.; Duijvenvoorde, K. van
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Infrastructure, Policy,
In opdracht van Rijkswaterstaat heeft SWOV onderzoek gedaan naar de dodelijke ongevallen die in 2017 op rijkswegen hebben plaatsgevonden. Het hoofddoel van het onderzoek was te leren van de... Read... Read more

Sustainable Road Safety

26 Mar 2019
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy,
Sustainable Road Safety implies that the traffic environment is designed to rule out serious crashes and to mitigate the severity of the crashes that do happen. The human dimension is the primary...... Read more

Snelheidsgegevens, verkeersveiligheid en infrastructuur

Publication/report R-2019-7
Published: 2019 (SWOV): Petegem, J.W.H. van; Wijlhuizen, G.J.; Nabavi Niaki, M.A.
Tags: Risks, Infrastructure,
Rijsnelheid geldt als een belangrijke indicator voor verkeersveiligheid, in de literatuur ook wel aangeduid als ‘Safety Performance Indicator’ of kortweg SPI. Het ministerie van Infrastructuur en...... Read more

The safety effects of (digital) roadside advertising: an overview of the literature

Published: 2018 (CEDR): Vlakveld, W.; Helman, S.
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Freight and delivery traffic, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic, International,
Roadside advertising is, by its nature, designed to capture the attention of road users. Because humans have limited attentional resources it is therefore possible that such advertisements could...