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Achtergronden, opzet, uitvoering en resultaten van het onderzoek.

Published: 1993 (Directoraat-Generaal Rijkswaterstaat, Adviesdienst Verkeer en Vervoer AVV): Oei, H.L.

Analysis of road accidents with the use of original police reports.

Published: 1993 (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit): Noordzij, P.C.; Hagenzieker, M.J.; Goldenbeld, Ch.

Anticipatory research for the design of a sustainable and safe road traffic system.

isbn: 90-6275-891-6
Published: 1993 : Oppe, S.
The new policy in the Netherlands is attempting to build a traffic system, based on clear design concepts and rules about how to use it. Such a system should be sustainable and safe. The design...

Assessing the safety of the road network; A simple method.

Published: 1993 (Road and Bridge Research Institute IBDM / German Road and Transportation Research Association): Janssen, S.T.M.C.
Research by the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research in The Netherlands assessing the safety of the Dutch road network is presented. In The Netherlands urban and rural roads and motorways are used...

Availability and (proper) adjustment of head restraints in the Netherlands.

Published: 1993 (International Research Council on Biokinetics of Impacts IRCOBI): Kampen, L.T.B. van
Dutch national accident data show a considerable increase of the number of rear end collisions during the last 10 years. The numbers of cars involved and casualties from these accidents have also...

Computer simulation and vehicle front optimisation

isbn: 0-947719-54-7
Published: 1993 (Automotive Automation Limited): Sluis, J. van der
The influence of the stiffness and shape of a car-front on injuries of bicyclists caused by side collisions was studied by computer simulation. Simulation was a suitable method in this case because...

Criteria for the selection of porous asfalt

isbn: 2-84060-003-X
Published: 1993 (Association Internationale Permanente des Congres de la Route AIPCR / Permanent International Association of Road Congresses): Schreuder, D.A.

Cyclists and pedestrians in the Netherlands; Different needs of injury protection.

Published: 1993 (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA): Kampen, L.T.B. van
A series of analyses of injury data from hospitalized cyclists and pedestrians based on Dutch national hospital data has been carried out. The main purpose of this study is to establish the different...

Daytime running lights: Its safety evidence revisited.

isbn: 0-947719-54-7
Published: 1993 (Automotive Automation Limited): Koornstra, M.J.
Retrospective in-depth accident studies from several countries confirm that human perception errors are the main causal factor in road accidents. The share of accident types which are relevant for...

Duurzaam veilig in de praktijk en ontsluitingsstructuren.

isbn: 90-6628-153-7
Published: 1993 (C.R.O.W.): Minnen, J. van