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Strong action necessary to reduce road deaths and serious injuries

Tags: Road safety in numbers, International,
ETSC, in which SWOV’s Henk Stipdonk is also active, published a press release stating that around 25,500 people died on European roads in 2016. This means that in 2016 road deaths on European roads...

Practical guidelines for determining the number of serious road injuries (MAIS3+)

Published: 2016 (European Commission): SafetyCube Consortium
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, International,

Physical and psychological consequences of serious road traffic injuries

Published: 2016 (European Commission): Weijermars, W.; Meunier, J.-C.; Bos, N.; Perez, C.; Hours, M.; Johannsen, H.; Barnes, J.; et al.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, International,
SafetyCube aims to develop an innovative road safety Decision Support System (DSS) that will enable policy-makers and stakeholders to select the most appropriate strategies, measures and cost-...

Risicofactoren nader onderzocht: 50km/uur-kruispunten

Publication/report R-2016-17
Published: 2016 (SWOV): Aarts, L.T.; Loenis, B.J.C.; Dijkstra, A.; Deden, N.Y.; Noorloos, R.
Tags: Policy,safety
Safety Performance Indicators (SPI’s) zijn ‘prestatie-indicatoren’ voor verkeersonveiligheid die betrekking hebben op risicofactoren in het verkeer die door beleidsmakers gebruikt kunnen worden voor... Read more

Berekening risicotoename bij overschrijding van de snelheidslimiet

Publication/report R-2016-19
Published: 2016 (SWOV): Temürhan, M.
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks,speed
Het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu (IenM) heeft een toolkit ontwikkeld ter ondersteuning van provincies, gemeenten, waterschappen en maatschappelijke organisaties bij de regionale... Read... Read more

Article published: A human factors perspective on automated driving

Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Other modes of traffic, Human behaviour in traffic,
The scientific article A human factors perspective on automated driving has recently been published in the journal Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science. Among the authors of the...

A human factors perspective on automated driving

Published: 2017 : Kyriakidis, M.; Winter, J.C.F. de; Stanton, N.; Bellet, T.; Arem, B. van; Brookhuis, K.; Martens, M.H.; Bengler, K.; Andersson, J.; Merat, N.; Reed, N.; Flament, M.; Hagenzieker, M.; Happee, R.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,
Automated driving can fundamentally change road transportation and improve quality of life. However, at present, the role of humans in automated vehicles (AVs) is not clearly established. Interviews...

Automated vehicles in traffic: how will pedestrians and cyclists react

Tags: Transport mode, Pedestrian, Bicycle,
Automated vehicles are being developed at a rapid pace and automated driving systems are becoming more and more advanced. Before long automated vehicles will be a common mode of transport on our...