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Interpolis SlimOpWeg Experiment: the AutoModus-app

Projectnr: E15.46 | Status: Completed, Start date: , End date:
Tags: Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,mobile phone, texting, telephonecall, handheld, handsfree
... safety problem and therefore the Dutch insurance company Interpolis had an app for the smartphone developed in the framework of their ... youths to reduce their smartphone use behind the wheel... Read more

Interpolis Auto Experiment

Projectnr: E15.20 | Status: Completed, Start date: , End date:
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic, Education,novice drivers
... drivers and two virtual variants in what was called the Interpolis Auto Experiment. The goal was to determine whether the trainings had ... SWOV published the result in an extensive summary... Read more