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Kas Kamphuis, MSc

Kas Kamphuis, MSc, doet onderzoek naar de rijgeschiktheid van ouderen met beginnende dementie, maakt deel uit van het STAR-team en werkt mee aan o.a. Naturalistic Cycling-onderzoek naar speed-...

Dr Maartje de Goede

Dr Maartje de Goede is specialized in the subject of human factors and traffic safety. She has a broad experience in managing and executing studies into the behaviour of road users in relation to the... Read more

Dr Matin Nabavi Niaki

Dr Matin Nabavi Niaki works in the area of cyclist behaviour and safety in relation to road and cycling network design. Her main research interests are surrogate safety measures and computer vision... Read more

Public lighting and vehicle lighting

31 Jul 2018
Tags: Transport mode, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS,
Visual information is of the utmost importance to road users. In darkness, both public lighting and vehicle lighting help road users take stock of the traffic situation and help them to be seen by... Read more

Distraction in traffic

31 Jul 2018
Tags: Risks,
The mobile phone is symbolic of ‘distraction in traffic’. But apart from mobile calls, texting, or listening to music, many drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are occupied with all sorts of other...... Read more

Dr Silvia Varotto

Dr Silvia Varotto is specialist in the field of empirical research (driving simulator and on-road experiments) and mathematical modelling (advanced choice models and linear mixed-effects models) of... Read more

Driving under the influence of alcohol

30 Jun 2018
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,alcolock
In 2015, an estimated 12% - 23% of the road deaths in the Netherlands were due to drinking and driving, 75 to 140 fatalities. In 2017, 1.4% of the drivers were under the influence of alcohol during... Read more

30 km/h zones

31 May 2018
Tags: Infrastructure,
A 30 km/h zone is also known as a ‘zone 30’ or a 'residential area'. The zone is mostly situated within an urban area and consists of connected access roads with a 30 km/h speed limit. The areas have... Read more

Wrong-way driving

01 Apr 2018
Tags: Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
In this factsheet wrong-way driving is defined as ‘a car driving in the wrong direction on a road with separated driving directions and consequently driving into oncoming traffic '. This relates...... Read more