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Public lighting and vehicle lighting

31 Jul 2018
Tags: Transport mode, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS,
Visual information is of the utmost importance to road users. In darkness, both public lighting and vehicle lighting help road users take stock of the traffic situation and help them to be seen by... Read more

Distraction in traffic

31 Jul 2018
Tags: Risks,
The mobile phone is symbolic of ‘distraction in traffic’. But apart from mobile calls, texting, or listening to music, many drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are occupied with all sorts of other...... Read more

Annual report 2017

2017 was an important year for road safety. The development of the number of road casualties in the Netherlands has been unfavorable for some time - something had to be done. Therefore, it was good... Read more


SWOV research is divided over ten topics and is carried out within an annual programme. Every year, this programme is determined in consultation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the... Read... Read more


Besides the projects that were completed in 2016, SWOV has projects with a longer duration. More information about  the SWOV research projects, completed and active, can be found under Research....... Read more


A large part of the SWOV research is commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. In recent years, research has become increasingly important for other clients and is increasing... Read more

Facts and figures

SWOV's knowledge is public and is shared with whoever can use this knowledge professionally. The SWOV-website is becoming more and more important for knowledge dissemination. Facts & Figures on... Read more


SWOV does not only carry out research for clients in the Netherlands, but also operates on an international level. Together with European partners, SWOV often participates in EU-projects in the field... Read more


For a number of years, SWOV has been organizing theme meetings for interested parties on important or topical issues: the so-called Knowledge Cafés. Two of these Knowledge Cafés took place in 2017... Read more