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Road deaths in the Netherlands

14 Apr 2021
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,Cijfers
This fact sheet covers road deaths: the annual number in the Netherlands, how this has developed since 1950 and common characteristics such as modes of transport, age groups and crash locations....... Read more

Dutch road safety in an international perspective

02 Apr 2021
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy, International,
This fact sheet considers road safety in the Netherlands from an international perspective. The number of serious road injuries is hard to compare to numbers in other countries, so we almost... Read... Read more

Serious road injuries in the Netherlands

08 Dec 2020
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,verkeersslachtoffer
This fact sheet discusses the development of the number of serious road injuries in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, serious road injuries are defined as persons admitted to hospital for the...... Read more

Road crash costs

24 Mar 2020
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,
The social costs of road crashes in the Netherlands in 2018 are estimated at 17 billion euro (between € 15.8 and € 18.6 billion euro), equivalent to more than 2% of the gross domestic product (GDP... Read more

Sustainable Road Safety

26 Mar 2019
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy,
Sustainable Road Safety implies that the traffic environment is designed to rule out serious crashes and to mitigate the severity of the crashes that do happen. The human dimension is the primary...... Read more

Principles for safe road design

24 Nov 2017
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy,
The construction of the road network and the road design have a large effect on road safety: firstly, because these make certain conflicts impossible or unlikely (e.g. physical separation of driving... Read more

ADVERTS: Distraction by (digital) billboards

Projectnr: E17.24 | Status: Active, Start date: 01 Sep 2017, End date: 01 Jan 2019
Tags: Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, International,
ADVERTS focuses on distraction by (digital) roadside billboards (ADVERTS which stands for 'Assessing Distraction of Vehicle drivers in Europe from Roadside Technology-based Signage'). Distraction is... Read more

PROGReSS: Guidance for roadside safety

Projectnr: E17.25 | Status: Active, Start date: 01 Sep 2017, End date: 01 Sep 2018
Tags: Infrastructure, Policy, International,
PROGReSS (PROvision of Guidelines for Road Side Safety) focuses on the safety of roadsides of European rural roads and motorways. Single-vehicle lane departures involving roll-over or impacts with... Read more

Progressive penalty systems in traffic

12 Jul 2017
Tags: Policy, Enforcement,
A progressive penalty system encompasses heavier or more far-reaching sanctions being imposed as one commits more offences. A progressive penalty system is often called a progressive fines system if... Read more

In-depth study into crashes with light mopeds on urban bike paths

Projectnr: S17.03 | Status: Completed, Start date: 01 Jan 2017, End date: 01 Oct 2017
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Infrastructure, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic,
In recent years it seems to have become increasingly busy on bike paths. In addition, the traffic combination on these bike paths has altered significantly; wider and faster vehicles such as like...... Read more