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Widmark Award awarded to DRUID and former SWOV researcher René Mathijssen

Tags: Risks, International,
Eens in de drie jaar reikt de ‘International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety’ (ICADTS) prijzen uit aan die personen of organisaties die een uitzonderlijke bijdrage hebben geleverd in het...

Speed and speed management

21 Nov 2016
Tags: Risks,snelheidsbeheersing
Many drivers– Intentionally or unintentionally –  go too fast: faster than the speed limit, or too fast for specific conditions such as fog or rush hour volumes. At higher driving speeds the braking... Read more

In-depth study into bicycle crashes involving the over-50s

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Tags: Bicycle, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
The number of seriously injured cyclists in the Netherlands is increasing: more than half of all serious road injuries are cyclists. More than 80% of these seriously injured cyclists are the result... Read more

In-depth insight in crashes involving slow motorised traffic

Projectnr: S16.03 | Status: Completed, Start date: 01 Jan 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2016
Tags: Transport mode, Other modes of traffic, Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,snorfiets
In-depth study to identify the factors that play a role in the occurrence and outcome of crashes involving slow motorized vehicles. The vehicles that are included in this study are the light moped... Read more

Safe driving with early dementia: how far can we look ahead?

Projectnr: S16.06 | Status: Completed, Start date: 01 Jan 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2016
Tags: Transport mode, Passenger car, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,gezondheid
This research focuses on improving the existing test procedure for drivers in the very early stages of dementia. It will provide better substantiation for the use of the test procedure and the...... Read more

Benchmarking road safety with municipalities

Projectnr: S16.08-a | Status: Completed, Start date: 01 Jan 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2016
Tags: Risks, Policy,benchmark
Local and regional governments are to a large extent responsible for road safety improvement in their area. A method that can be of assistance to them is ‘benchmarking’, Roughly speaking a comparison... Read more

The interaction between and with (electric) bicycles at intersections

Projectnr: S16.10-a | Status: Completed, Start date: 01 Jan 2016, End date:
Tags: Transport mode, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,fiets; e-bike; snorfiets; infrastructuur; kruispunt; conflict; interactie
There are more and more different types of users on the bike path. As a result, differences in width, speed and mass of bike path users also increase. In addition the bike path is getting more and... Read more

Serious alcohol offenders: how many are there and who are they?

Projectnr: S16.11-a | Status: Completed, Start date: 01 Jan 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2016
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
This research should provide more insight into the extent and characteristics of the group of serious alcohol offenders and the most effective ways to tackle this group. We will use the results...... Read more