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Staying in contact with SWOV

Tijdens de coronacrisis werken alle SWOV-medewerkers vanuit huis. Op de hoogte blijven van ons verkeersveiligheidsonderzoek?

Webinar: the future impacts of automation in freight transport

Tags: Transport mode, Freight and delivery traffic, Technology & ITS,
On April 23 LEVITATE will host a webinar. This webinar gives an insight on autonomous solutions in freight, as well as their future impacts and potentials in the transport sector

Dissertation Diane Cleij: Measuring, modelling and minimizing perceived motion incongruence for vehicle motion simulation

SWOV-onderzoeker Diane Cleij promoveerde op 4 februari aan de TU Delft op haar proefschrift 'Measuring, modelling and minimizing perceived motion incongruence for vehicle motion simulation'.

FERSI recommendations for an evidence-based national road safety programme

FERSI published its new position paper. The paper intends to offer guidance to Member States on developing a national road safety programme. Its main message is that a road safety programme must be... Read more

Texting behind the wheel with mobile phone in phone holder

Tags: Risks, Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic,smartphone
SWOV heeft een onderzoek uitgevoerd naar het effect van appen met de telefoon in een houder op het rij- en kijkgedrag van automobilisten versus het appen met de telefoon in de hand.

SWOV and VIAS will update European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO)

A consortium consisting of Vias institute (Belgium) and SWOV (The Netherlands) will update the European Road Safety Observatory ERSO per 1 February. Vias is the lead institution, but the work will be...

PC-based hazard anticipation training for experienced cyclists: Design and evaluation

Research shows that the ability to anticipate safety-critical situations is predictive of safe performance in traffic. Thus far, hazard anticipation training has been developed mainly for car drivers...

Road deaths in the Netherlands

07 Jan 2020
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,Cijfers
This fact sheet covers road deaths: the annual number in the Netherlands, how this has developed since 1950 and common characteristics such as modes of transport, age groups and crash locations....... Read more

FERSI published guidelines for assessing mobile phone use in road traffic

FERSI published a technical paper that sets out a scientifically valid method for assessing the prevalence of mobile phone use of car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians through on-road observations...

Serious road injuries in the Netherlands

16 Dec 2019
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Policy,verkeersslachtoffer
This fact sheet discusses the development of the number of serious road injuries (SRI) in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands a serious road injury is defined as an inpatient with at least a MAIS2... Read more