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Distraction in traffic

31 Jul 2018
Tags: Risks,
The mobile phone is symbolic of ‘distraction in traffic’. But apart from mobile calls, texting, or listening to music, many drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are occupied with all sorts of other...... Read more

Driving under the influence of alcohol

30 Jun 2018
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,alcolock
In 2015, an estimated 12% - 23% of the road deaths in the Netherlands were due to drinking and driving, 75 to 140 fatalities. In 2017, 1.4% of the drivers were under the influence of alcohol during... Read more

Wrong-way driving

01 Apr 2018
Tags: Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
In this factsheet wrong-way driving is defined as ‘a car driving in the wrong direction on a road with separated driving directions and consequently driving into oncoming traffic '. This relates...... Read more

Pedelecs and speed pedelecs

18 Sep 2017
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Powered two-wheeler, Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
Pedelecs are popular. Initially especially elderly people bought pedelecs, but meanwhile pedelecs have also become popular with other target groups. It is not precisely known if cycling on a pedelec... Read more

Speed and speed management

21 Nov 2016
Tags: Risks,
Many drivers– Intentionally or unintentionally –  go too fast: faster than the speed limit, or too fast for specific conditions such as fog or rush hour volumes. At higher driving speeds the braking... Read more

Bicycle helmets

01 Oct 2016
Tags: Transport mode, Bicycle, Risks,
This fact sheet is under construction.   Nearly one third of all cyclists in the Netherlands who are severely injured in a bicycle crash sustain head and/or brain injury. More than 800 cyclists per... Read more

The influence of weather on road safety

05 Aug 2015
Tags: Risks,wegdek
Het weer is van invloed op de verkeersveiligheid. Weersomstandigheden bepalen voor een deel de omstandigheden op de weg en het gedrag van de bestuurder. Het meeste onderzoek naar de relatie weer-...

The use of drugs and medicines behind the wheel

04 Aug 2015
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,medicijnen
Research shows that about 4% of drivers in Europe participate in traffic after having taken drugs and/or medicines. With 3.4% this share was lower in the Netherlands; traces of drugs were found in... Read more

Fatigue in traffic: causes and effects

01 Aug 2012
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic,
Bij het ontstaan van verkeersongevallen mag de rol van vermoeidheid bij bestuurders niet worden onderschat. Vermoeidheidsongevallen zijn niet alleen een kwestie van te lang achtereen doorrijden: ook...