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27 Jul 2020
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A pedestrian fall or collision is only a road crash (pedestrian crash) when a moving vehicle is involved. Between 2010 and 2019, an annual average of 59 pedestrians were killed in road crashes....... Read more

How to define and measure pedestrian traffic deaths?

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In the article 'How to define and measure pedestrian traffic deaths?' Paul Schepers, Nicola Christie, Bas de Geus and Rob Methorst integrate and expand on two papers on pedestrian travel deaths...

Do not let the attention for pedestrians decrease

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Gast-onderzoeker Rob Methorst: 'Als er geen goed zicht is op de werkelijke omvang, blijft het probleem zélf ook buiten het zicht professionals.'

Automated vehicles in traffic: how will pedestrians and cyclists react

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Automated vehicles are being developed at a rapid pace and automated driving systems are becoming more and more advanced. Before long automated vehicles will be a common mode of transport on our...

SWOV investigates cyclist and pedestrian behaviour towards automated vehicles

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Fietsers en voetgangers zijn er nog niet zeker van dat automatisch rijdende auto’s hen zullen zien en voor hen zullen stoppen. Zolang zij daarvan niet overtuigd zijn, zullen zij zich over het...

SafetyCube and InDeV: towards fruitful collaboration

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On 28 January 2016, SWOV hosted a meeting of crash costs experts from the two EU projects SafetyCube and InDeV. Both projects are carried out within the European Horizon 2020 Programme. ... Read more