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Traffic education

01 Dec 2017
Tags: Education,verkeersles
Traffic education is defined here as any kind of formal or informal education that is aimed at learning and improving the knowledge, insight, skills and attitudes that are necessary for safe traffic... Read more

Fear appeals and confronting information campaigns

04 Dec 2014
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic, Education,voorlichting
Angstaanjagende of confronterende voorlichting confronteert mensen op vaak harde en soms zelfs schokkende manier met de gevolgen van risicogedrag. Dit kan positieve effecten hebben op de houding en...

Mass-media information campaigns about road safety

01 Jul 2013
Tags: Education,
Background and content Public information is often used as an instrument to improve road safety. Beside traffic instruction and driver training, public information is part of the wider field of...... Read more