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Dutch road safety targets for 2020 out of reach

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In 2019 kwamen er 661 mensen om in het Nederlandse verkeer: 17 minder dan in 2018. 21.400 mensen raakten ernstig gewond, een vergelijkbaar aantal als in 2018.Met de huidige trend worden de...

E-scooters in Europe - legal status varies, safety effects unclear

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Based on the input from FERSI members, FERSI compiled a report on the legal status, usage and safety of e-scooters in 18 European countries. It shows that the legal status differs between countries... Read more

Scenarios of crashes involving light mopeds on urban bicycle paths

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In the Netherlands, cyclists have to share the bicycle path with light moped riders. These riders are allowed to ride 25 km/h and do not have to wear a helmet (Dutch regulation). Due to several...

Using naturalistic data to study time headway behind motorcycles and other vehicles

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Roughly 10% of motorcycle accidents in Austria are rear-end collisions. One explanatory factor for this could be short time headway, hence this research project. Naturalistic research provides a...

SafetyCube and InDeV: towards fruitful collaboration

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On 28 January 2016, SWOV hosted a meeting of crash costs experts from the two EU projects SafetyCube and InDeV. Both projects are carried out within the European Horizon 2020 Programme. ... Read more