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Computer simulation of crash dynamics

Published: 1988 (Institute for Road Safety Research SWOV): Wismans, J.; Coo, P.; Huyskens, C. de & Heijer, T.
The objective of this presentation is to give an overview of the ""state-of-the-art"" of crash models in automotive safety. Crash models can be subdivided roughly into four categories. The most...

Constructie van wegoppervlakken in woestijnlanden.

Published: 1988 (Stichting C.R.O.W): Schreuder, D.A.
There is usually less traffic in third world countries than in industrialised countries, and accident rates are often very much higher. Road traffic accidents usually have severe social impact. It is...

De bus aan banden.

Published: 1988 : Wegman, F.C.M.

De keuzen van gemeenten voor de ANWB-Verkeersveiligheidsprijzen 1988.

Published: 1988 (Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond ANWB): Minnen, J. van

Een puntenstelsel in het licht van de overtredingsproblematiek.

Published: 1988 : Wittink, R.D.; Twisk, D.A.M.

Effectieve bestrijding rijden onder invloed mogelijk door combinatie van politie-toezicht, voorlichting en publiciteit.

Published: 1988 (Provincie Zuid-Holland): Mathijssen, M.P.M.

Emergency runs considerably more dangerous than normal rides.

Published: 1988 : Oei, H.-l.

Experimental and mathematical car-bicycle collision simulations

isbn: 0-89883-480-5
Published: 1988 (Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)): Huijbers, J.J.W.; Janssen, E.G.
The results of 35 mathematical simulations will be used to get a better insight in car-bicycle collisions. This information will be used later on to formulate hypotheses to be tested in an accident...

Garanderen sirene en zwaailicht een veilige doorgang?

Published: 1988 (Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, Directie Brandweer): Oei, H.-l.
Tags: Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Risks, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Infrastructure, Enforcement, Education, International,emergency vehicle
Yearly many police cars, ambulances, fire engines and other emergency vehicles are involved in accidents even when their special horns and blue rotating lights are working. For those emergency...