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MEDIATOR behind the scenes: monitoring the driver

The EU-funded MEDIATOR project, coordinated by SWOV, is developing a system that mediates between human driver and the vehicle automation to ensure safe, real-time switching between the two, based on...

RSA Academic Lecture: Serious Injuries

On January 27, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) Annual Academic Lecture will be held online. The lecture brings together national and international road safety experts to share their research on a...... Read more

Guidelines and recommendations for future policy of cooperative and automated passenger cars

Published: 2022 (European Commission): Gebhard, S.; Nabavi Niaki, M.; Schermers, G.; Goldenbeld, C.; Chaudhry, A.
Tags: Technology & ITS, Policy, International,
The aim of the LEVITATE project is to prepare a new impact assessment framework to enable policymakers to manage the introduction of connected and automated transport systems, maximise the benefits...

LEVITATE webinar: Case studies for automated freight transport

The LEVITATE webinar 'Case studies for automated freight transport' showcases the impacts of cooperative, connected, and automated mobility (CCAM) on two case studies for freight transport: Automated...

Defining suitable Safe System projects: The experience of the SaferAfrica project in five African countries

SWOV researcher Schermers coauthored the article 'Defining suitable Safe System projects: The experience of the SaferAfrica project in five African countries' in IATSS Research. When dealing with...... Read more

Starting off 2022 with a new program and a new director

Met het nieuwe jaar gaat ook het nieuwe onderzoeksprogramma van SWOV van start.

FERSI Conference 2022: Call for contributions

FERSI is organising a two-day conference for researchers and policy makers on 6 and 7 October 2022 in the Hague. FERSI invites you to submit a proposal for a contribution. This contribution would...... Read more

Library Portal / Kennisportaal

Dear visitor, In an effort to serve you better, we will be upgrading our information system, aiming to launch early 2022. During this transition you will be able to access our collection via the ...... Read more

Road safety related impacts within the Levitate project

Published: 2021 (European Commission): Weijermars, W.; Zwart, R. de; Mons, C.; Gebhard, S.; Cleij, D.; Sha, H.; Chaudhry, A.; Boghani, H.; Haouari, R.; Quddus, M.; Thomas, P.; Hula, A.
Tags: Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, International,
LEVITATE (Societal level impacts of connected and automated vehicles) is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to forecast impacts of developments related to Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility...

FERSI Executive Board (re)elected

FERSI’s General Assembly, in its meeting of 24 November, (re)elected its Executive Board for the next three years: President Rob Eenink (SWOV), Vice-President Dominique Mignot (UE), and members Lila...