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Published: 2016 (SWOV): SWOV
Tags: Risks, Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement,

Annual Report 2015

Road safety in the Netherlands has ceased to improve. The number of road deaths does no longer decline and the number of serious road injuries increases. If no major adjustments in policy and... Read... Read more

SWOV in 2015: prevent crashes, reduce injuries, save lives!

SWOV is the national institute for road safety research in the Netherlands. All the research performed by SWOV, all the instruments SWOV develops and all advice given by SWOV have one common goal... Read more

SWOV in 2015: research

SWOV's reseaAdvies over (verhoging van) rijsnelheden van bromfietsers als gevolg op de maatregel ‘Bromfiets op de rijbaan’rch coAdvies over (verhoging van) rijsnelheden van bromfietsers als gevolg op... Read more

SWOV in 2015: international activities

SWOV does not only carry out research for clients in the Netherlands, but, together with European partners, often participates in EU-projects in the field of road safety. Furthermore, non-European... Read more


Inaugural lecture Marjan Hagenzieker Marjan Hagenzieker, SWOV’s scientific advisor, was appointed Professor of Road Safety at Delft University of Technology. On 21 oktober 2015 she delivered her...... Read more

SWOV in 2015: organisation and staff

Dr. Peter van der Knaap has been managing director of SWOV since 1 June 2013. Together with the Board of Supervisors (RvT) he is responsible for the strategy and position of SWOV and ensures that the... Read more


SWOV has four research departments: Infrastructure and Traffic, Road User Behaviour, Human Factors and Vehicle Automation, and Data and Analysis for Policy. The research conducted within the... Read... Read more

Safe behaviour young cyclists (adolescents)

Projectnr: S15.08 | Status: Completed, Start date: 04 Mar 2016, End date: 31 Dec 2015
Tags: Bicycle, Human behaviour in traffic,tieners
After leaving primary school, young people spend an increasing part of their life in an urban environment. They leave the sheltered environment of their own village or neighbourhood to go to school... Read more

Perceived accessibility is an important factor in transport choice - Results from the AVENUE project

Published: 2016 : Scheepers, C.E.; Wendel-Vos, G.C.W.; Kempen, E.E.M.M. van; Hollander, E.L. den; Wijnen, H.J. van; Maas, J.; Den Hertog, F.R.J.; Staatsen, B.A.M.; Stipdonk, H.L.; Int Panis, L.L.R.; Wesemael, P.J.V. van; Schuit, A.J.
Tags: Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic,
Background Stimulating active transport by encouraging replacement of short-distance car trips by active transport modes such as cycling or walking has become a popular policy strategy. It has been...