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Dr Wendy Weijermars

Dr Wendy Weijermars is research manager of the ‘Infrastructure and Traffic’ department and is involved in various research projects in this area. Wendy is also internationally active. She is part of... Read more

Dr Gert-Jan Wijlhuizen

Dr Gert Jan Wijlhuizen is a specialist in, among others, cycling safety (bicycle infrastructure, behaviour), public health and road safety, the elderly and injury consequences. Gert Jan coordinated... Read more

Niels Bos, MSc

Niels Bos, MSc, is SWOV specialist in the fields of data collection, data processing, data analysis, and knowledge systems. These concern crash data, exposure data and medical data (hospital... Read... Read more

Kirsten van Duijvenvoorde, BASc

Kirsten van Duijvenvoorde, BASc, is member of SWOV’s team for in-depth study into road traffic crashes as a crash researcher. She is responsible for investigation of the crash location, vehicle...... Read more

dr. Letty Aarts

Dr Letty Aarts is research manager of the ‘Data and Analysis for Policy’ department. She coordinates the research activities on road safety data such as the annual determination of the real number of... Read more

Dr Charlotte Bax

Dr Charlotte Bax conducts research into provinces and municipalities – and in cooperation with them. She focuses on translating scientific knowledge into handy tools for regional governments. As such... Read more

Dr Ragnhild Davidse

Dr Ragnhild Davidse is research manager of the ‘Road User Behaviour’ department and coordinates the research activities on the behaviour and physical and mental condition of road users in relation to... Read more