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Govert Schermers, ME

Govert Schermers, ME, is researcher and project manager and specializes in the fields of, among others, the safe system approach, road design, motorways, 80 and 60 km/h roads, and safe roadsides. He... Read more

Robert Louwerse, MSc

Robert Louwerse, MSc, is a specialist in the field of in-depth research into road crashes, agricultural traffic and the relationship between road design and road safety. Robert is also a qualified... Read more

Jan Hendrik van Petegem, MSc

Jan Hendrik van Petegem, MSc, focuses on the development of practical knowledge about the relation between road design and road safety. His main topics of interest are Accident Prediction Modelling... Read more

Dr Gert-Jan Wijlhuizen

Dr Gert Jan Wijlhuizen is a specialist in, among others, cycling safety (bicycle infrastructure, behaviour), public health and road safety, the elderly and injury consequences. Gert Jan coordinated... Read more

Dr Charlotte Bax

Dr Charlotte Bax conducts research into provinces and municipalities – and in cooperation with them. She focuses on translating scientific knowledge into handy tools for regional governments. As such... Read more

Dr Atze Dijkstra

Dr Atze Dijkstra is a specialist in road safety aspects of the layout of residential areas, and of the design of roads and bicycle facilities. Furthermore, he is specialized in road safety audits and... Read more