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Teun Uijtdewilligen, MSc

Teun Uijtdewilligen, MSc, is a researcher specialized in cycling, mobility in cities, the use of public space, and urban development. Since 2019 he started his PhD project in road safety for cyclists... Read more

Dr. Diane Cleij

Dr. Diane Cleij researches the transition to automated driving and uses Naturalistic Driving Data for research into the use of electronic devices and driving behaviour in motorized vehicles. Diane... Read more

Dr Maartje de Goede

Dr Maartje de Goede is specialized in the subject of human factors and traffic safety. She has a broad experience in managing and executing studies into the behaviour of road users in relation to the... Read more

Dr Matin Nabavi Niaki

Dr Matin Nabavi Niaki works in the area of cyclist behaviour and safety in relation to road and cycling network design. Her main research interests are surrogate safety measures and computer vision... Read more

Celina Mons, MSc

Celina Mons, MSc, doet onderzoek naar gedrag in het verkeer en is vooral betrokken bij projecten over de interactie tussen mensen en (deels) zelfrijdende voertuigen. 

Dr Reinier Jansen

Dr Reinier Jansen is an expert in the field of Naturalistic Driving data analyses. His research focuses on understanding and designing interactions with (partially) automated vehicles.  In 2017,...... Read more

Albert Jan Algera, BSc

Albert Jan Algera, BSc, is one of SWOV's vehicle experts. Within the in-depth research team he is responsible for the inspection of amongst others (light) mopeds, (speed) pedelecs, micro cars and...... Read more

Robert Louwerse, MSc

Robert Louwerse, MSc, is a specialist in the field of in-depth research into road crashes, agricultural traffic and the relationship between road design and road safety. Robert is also a qualified... Read more

Dr Gert-Jan Wijlhuizen

Dr Gert Jan Wijlhuizen is a specialist in, among others, cycling safety (bicycle infrastructure, behaviour), public health and road safety, the elderly and injury consequences. Gert Jan coordinated... Read more

Dr Charlotte Bax

Dr Charlotte Bax conducts research into provinces and municipalities – and in cooperation with them. She focuses on translating scientific knowledge into handy tools for regional governments. As such... Read more