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Second opinion over het BeslissingsOndersteunend Model Vluchtstroken In Tunnels (BOMVIT)

Publication/report D-2003-13
Published: 2004 (SWOV): Langen, Ir. A.C.B. de; Heijer, ir. T.
Tags: Infrastructure, Risks, Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Road safety in numbers, International,traffic lane
In Nederland worden steeds meer tunnels en overkappingen gebouwd. De Richtlijnen Ontwerp Autosnelwegen (ROA; AVV, 1993) adviseren daarbij een vluchtstrook aan te leggen en geven aan dat deze slechts... Read more

Fewer crashes and fewer casualties by safer roads

Publication/report D-2003-11
Published: 2004 (SWOV): Wegman, Fred
Tags: Human behaviour in traffic, Enforcement, Education, Risks, Road safety in numbers, Transport mode, Infrastructure, Technology & ITS, Policy, International, Other modes of traffic,accident...
Human errors play a vital role in road crashes. This presentation deals with the prevention of human errors by proper road planning, road design and improving existing roads (reconstruction/...

Implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and updating a road safety programme

Publication/report D-2003-12
Published: 2004 (SWOV): Wegman, Fred
Tags: Policy, Human behaviour in traffic, Technology & ITS, International,safety
In all EU countries, attempts are being made to promote road safety, and each country has its own approach. This contribution examines the implementation of road safety programmes, their monitoring...

Non-technical measures for influencing traffic behaviour

Publication/report D-2003-10
Published: 2004 (SWOV): Goldenbeld, Ch.
Tags: Policy, Enforcement, Risks, Infrastructure, Human behaviour in traffic, Education, Transport mode, Other modes of traffic, International,legislation
This report discusses legislation, police enforcement, information campaigns and citizen participation as instruments in a behaviour oriented approach to road safety. The acronym 'BITE' is used to...

Older drivers: a review

Publication/report VTI report 497A
Published: 2004 (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute VTI): Hakamies-Blomkvist, L.; Sirén, A.; Davidse, R.J.