For a period of two years naturalistic driving data was collected for cars, lorries and powered twowheelers within the EU-project UDRIVE . The datalogger developed in the project, continously registered over one hundred variables, such as GPS, CAN, extensive footage of the environment of the car and the car's interior. Another variable concerned a 'smart camera' that can localise other road users.

This data provides a good insight in daily driving behaviour. Research in the UDRIVE project focused on distraction, interaction with cyclists and pedestrians, risky driving and 'eco-driving'. Based on the results, improvements can be made for road safety and the environment. 

The data offers many more opportunities for further research and is available at SWOV. For more information, please contact Nicole van Nes

The UDRIVE project was coordinated by SWOV and involved a colloaboration of 19 partners in 11 European countries. The project was completed by the end of June 2017.

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