TraSaCu: Traffic Safety Culture

Driving abroad can be difficult. Traffic rules are different and people behave differently. How they behave differently and to what extent is not well known. It can be an attitude (What do they think is dangerous?) and other behavior (What do they do?).

This difference in the culture of security is what TraSaCu wants to map. It also indicates which risk-enhancing aspects can be addressed. This is done by literature study, data analysis and multiple surveys.

TraSaCu is run by the Austrian sister institute of SWOV (KfV) and has 11 European and 2 American partners. An important part of the work is done by guest researchers. Two Greek researchers have been at SWOV for several months. TraSaCu runs for 3 years and will be closed in 2017.

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Start date: 01 Jan 2015
End date: 31 Dec 2017