Transfer of the speed pedelec from the category bicycles to the category mopeds

Since January 1, 2017, the speed pedelec is no longer classified as a ‘light moped’ but it falls within the category of ‘mopeds’. As a result,  speed pedelec riders are obliged to wear a helmet and to use the combined bicycle/moped paths or the roadway. The speed pedelec must therefore no longer ride on the bicycle path. It is uncertain how the riders of a speed pedelec and other road users respond to this change.

Research questions:

  1. Do the speed pedelec riders indeed choose for the roadway, or for the bicycle path?
  2. At what speed do they ride on the road and the bicycle path?
  3. What can we say about safety, especially that of the speed pedelec riders?
  4. How do other road users respond to speed pedelec riders (annoyedsurprised or startled)?
  5. What is the effect of speed pedelecs riders on the traffic flow on the roadway?


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Project nr.



Start date: 01 Jan 2017
End date: 31 Dec 2017