SafeVRU: Safe interaction of automated vehicles with vulnerable road users

It is a fact that there is little known about the interaction between automated vehicles and vulnerable road users. What do cyclists and pedestrians expect of self-driving cars? SWOV has been researching this since 2016.

Are self-driving cars able to recognize cyclists and pedestrians in time? In particular, this question is central to the SafeVRU project, which has recently begun. In the SafeVRU project, research organizations like TU Delft, TNO and SWOV collaborate with market players (NXP and 2Getthere) and government parties (RDW and Gelderland Province) to develop and apply knowledge in real life situations.

SWOV will contribute to this project on various fronts:

  1. Provide expertise in road safety, behavior of cyclists and pedestrians;
  2. Provide knowledge of naturalistic driving research;
  3. Advise on the research plan.

SafeVRU has the potential to improve road safety for vulnerable road users. The project must provide new insights into human behavior and knowledge about the interaction between vehicles and vulnerable road users.

The project is funded by NWO and TUDelft is coordinator of the project.

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Start date: 01 Jul 2016
End date: 01 Jul 2020