Safe infrastructure, also for the elderly

A better traffic system results in safer traffic . The system should comply with the abilities of the elderly and the facilities they require to remain mobile safely.

Research questions

  • What are the requirements for a traffic system that is suitable for the elderly?
  • Do present policy and regulations meet these requirements?
  • Do the actual conditions meet these requirements ?


The traffic system is far from being designed as envisaged in traffic policy and its elaboration in design requirements. This is not good for the safety of road users in general, and certainly not for that of elderly road users. The elderly benefit from a traffic system that optimally takes into account their changing mobility characteristics and the various physical and cognitive limitations that accompany ageing. A better road design is good for their safety and a specific senior-proof road design builds on what the elderly can do and what they need to remain mobile safely. With a growing number of elderly road users it is important that the infrastructural design is also safe for this group.


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Start date: 01 Jan 2016
End date: 31 Dec 2016