PROGReSS: Guidance for roadside safety

PROGReSS (PROvision of Guidelines for Road Side Safety) focuses on the safety of roadsides of European rural roads and motorways. Single-vehicle lane departures involving roll-over or impacts with objects constitute a substantial part of European road casualties on these roads. These crashes are often associated with dangerous roadside areas, including embankment characteristics, dangerous obstacles, visibility issues as well as other problems arising from poorly designed or maintained roadside areas. Thus, from a road safety perspective, roadside areas are a very important topic in Europe.

PROGReSS will work towards harmonized approaches to safe roadsides while taking the diversity of European road contexts into account. More specifically, PROGReSS will:

  • Review existing roadside safety design, maintenance and operational requirements for clear zones and also for the road restraint systems.
  • Determine to what extent national road authorities in Europe and their contractors are able to implement and comply with the standards and guidelines.
  • Identify improvements in roadside safety design, maintenance and operational standards, to ensure wider guidelines application in Europe.

The PROGReSS consortium consists of SWOV, TRL (UK), ARUP (Ireland ), LNEC (Portugal) and Roland Weber (Germany) as a specialist consultant. 

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Start date: 01 Sep 2017
End date: 01 Sep 2018