To a new school: educational interventions at transition periods

This project investigates content and effect of two interventions aimed at children and teenagers at the transition to elementary school and to secondary school. Especially at transitions the willingness to invest in protection and safety is often substantial.  

Research questions

  1. What is the effect of providing free bicycle helmets on helmet use?
  2. How can hazard perception be trained in secondary school?


Especially for (young) children bicycle helmets are very effective. Despite the publicity and the bicycle helmet campaigns, helmets are not worn frequently. This SWOV study aims to provide insight for policy makers and funders into the impact, success and failure factors of giving free bicycle helmets to young children.

Teenagers have a relatively high traffic mortality and morbidity, among other things through deficient hazard perception. In 2015, SWOV investigated examined what precisely what problems adolescents have with identifying and assessing hazards. In 2016, SWOV will develop an effective hazard perception training for use in educational programmes.

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Start date: 01 Jul 2015
End date: 31 Dec 2016