Also in 2017 the annual Road Safety Monitor will be published to present an overview  of the developments of numbers of road deaths and serious road injuries.

Research questions

  1. How have the numbers of road deaths and serious road injuries developed during the past ten years and in 2016 in particular?
  2. How do the developments in fatalities and serious road injuries relate to demographic developments and developments in mobility and which developments do we see regarding mortality, morbidity and risk of being a road death or serious road injury?
  3. How are the available Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) developing?
  4. Which road safety measures have been taken in recent years and how do these measures relate to developments in SPIs and risks?


Monitoring is necessary to check a) whether the implementation of measures is going according to plan and b) if it is necessary to adjust the road safety policy in the short term. Every year, SWOV therefore publishes a Road Safety Monitor. This monitor provides information on developments in the numbers of road deaths and serious road injuries, demographics, mobility, implementation of measures and possible effects of measures (based on SPIs).

In 2017, SWOV also makes preparations for the Road Safety Assessment 2018. This publication presents a more detailed analysis of  road safety developments in one specific aspect of road safety. Previous Road Safety Assessments  looked into road safety developments from 1950 onward (The summit conquered), The effect of Sustainable Safety (The balance struck) and serious road injuries and their consequences (Lasten van verkeersletsel ontleed). The subject for the 2018 Road Safety Assessment will be determined in 2017.

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Start date: 01 Jan 2017
End date: 31 Dec 2017