MeBeSafe (Measures for Behaving Safely in Traffic)

MeBeSafe (Measures for Behaving Safely in Traffic) is a 3.5 year project funded by the European Commission that started 1st of May 2017. Its aim is to develop new measures using sensor-based feedback 'to nudge' and 'to coach' drivers and cyclists towards safer behaviour, and to apply these measures in the field and evaluate their effects. 'Nudging measures' stimulate road users to 'subconsciously' make a desired choice. Such measures are less invasive, give road users choices, and can be provided earlier in the chain of events leading to critical situations.

MeBeSafe will apply these measures through in-car safety systems, and through the road infrastructure. Coaching feedback uses the conscious route to behaviour change by stimulating road users to reflect on their behaviour, thereby using information on their actual driving styles, obtained from In-Vehicle- Monitoring-Systems (IVMS).

SWOV is one of 15 partners in this consortium, that further includes automotive OEM's and suppliers, road infrastructure and fleet owners, and institutes involved in traffic data analyses and leading organisations in traffic safety research and modelling.

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Start date: 01 May 2017
End date: 01 Jul 2020