Interpolis SlimOpWeg Experiment: the AutoModus-app

Distraction by mobile phone use is a major road safety problem and therefore the Dutch insurance company Interpolis had an app for the smartphone developed in the framework of their SlimOpWeg (Smart On the Road) programme. The purpose of this ‘AutoModus-app’ is to help youths to reduce their smartphone use behind the wheel.

Interpolis asked SWOV to investigate the effectiveness of two versions of the app:

  1. a version in which the driver gets positive feedback in the form of compliments when he refrains from using the smartphone ;
  2. a version in which the driver does not only get positive feedback, but is also awarded points to save up for presents.

The SWOV-study found that both versions of the AutoModus-app result in a small, but statistically significant decline if the self-reported smartphone use among young drivers.

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