Improving the effectiveness of the safety screening of urban infrastructure

This research will lead to an instrument that can be used for making the best possible estimate of the safety level of infrastructure on the basis of a limited number of data. This is important for the developers of the instruments, as well as for road authorities that consider the application of the instruments as potentially valuable, both in the Netherlands (including municipalities, provinces) and internationally (e.g. EuroRAP).

Research question

  1. Which adaptations of current instruments and processes can improve the efficiency of the urban infrastructure and to what extent?


For proactively improving road safety some instruments have already been developed that map out the safety features of infrastructure. Examples are CycleRAP, a screening tool for the safety of cycling infrastructure, and parts of PROMEV, focusing on infrastructure in general. Experience has shown that the necessary data collection for these instruments asks a large (financial) effort of the road authorities concerned. That is one of the reasons why it is important to consider how the efficiency (cost-effectiveness) of applying the instruments can be increased. This may include selecting a limited number of features that are characteristic of road safety and assessing samples of the total road length instead of assessing the entire road length.

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Start date: 01 Jan 2017
End date: 31 Dec 2017