Hazard perception training for pedelec riders

This study investigates which training methods would be appropriate for a hazard perception training for pedelec riders. The study uses prototypical scenarios based on (in-depth) crash data analysis. The results can then be used to develop a valid and reliable hazard perception training program that can be used by organizations who organize training programs for pedelec riders.

Research question

  1. Which training methods would be appropriate for a hazard perception training for pedelec riders?


Annually, about 75,000 cyclists in the Netherlands receive treatment at an A&E department of a hospital after a crash. Pedelec riders have a higher risk of crashes than cyclists riding a conventional bicycle. A recent in-depth crash study indicated that cognitive factors such as insufficient visual attention play a role in the risk of crashes for cyclists. Training programmes aimed at improving the hazard perception skills of pedelec riders could be an appropriate safety measure.

This study is carried out in collaboration with TU-Delft.

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Start date: 01 Jan 2017
End date: 31 Dec 2017