DV3 - a strategic and operational system approach for safe road traffic

Ten years after Advancing Sustainable Safety the time has come for an updated, risk-based system approach for safe road traffic in the Netherlands. SWOV has named the new system approach it has been working on DV3 and aims to present a useful and inviting system approach that will find support and provides guidance to policy makers and road authorities for concrete measures.

Opportunities, challenges and collaboration

Currently, there are several challenges and opportunities that belong in a new system approach. The most important  opportunities are offered by ITS developments. The main challenges lie in ageing, urbanization, reduction in financial means and decentralization. These challenges are mainly the responsibilities of provinces and municipalities. In the design and realization of the new system approach, SWOV therefore wishes to collaborate with other parties that are concerned.

Project description

In this project, SWOV will, together with all other relevant parties, develop an updated version of the Sustainable Safety approach (DV3) that will act as a basis for effective road safety policy in the Netherlands towards 2030. Through discussiontables with external parties (2016), an understanding of the most important road safety issues, future developments and visions, and knowledge about effective road safety policy, DV3 will be created (2017). Simultaneously, together with external parties, we will explore how the content of DV3 can be embedded in the Netherlands.

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Project nr.



Start date: 01 Jan 2016
End date: 31 Dec 2016