In-depth study into crashes with speed pedelecs

When the speed pedelec was introduced a new type of slow motorised vehicle became part of this vehicle category. From 1 January 2017, this vehicle must use the roadway in urban areas and a helmet is mandatory. As the number of speed pedelecs in Dutch traffic is increasing , it is good to know whether these vehicles lead to new crash types and how their riders and the surrounding traffic ceal with (the performance of) these vehicles.

By carrying out an in-depth study into crashes with speed pedelecs SWOV wants to gain insight into the type of crashes that occur with this new type of vehicle, the role of the riding speed and the position on the roadway in these crashes, and the type of injury that is sustained.

The study is carried out by the SWOV-team for in-depth studies.

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Start date: 18 Apr 2017