Compliance with the guidelines for a senior-proof road design

A specific senior-proof road design builds on what the elderly can do and require to remain mobile safely. With a growing number of elderly people in traffic, it is important that the infrastructure has a layout that is safe for this group also. Compliance with the CROW-guidelines in this area is therefore important for the elderly.

Research questions

  1. To what extent does municipal infrastructure deviate from the CROW-guidelines for senior-proof road design?
  2. Why do municipalities deviate from the CROW-guidelines?


The research should lead to insight into the extent to which the layout of the infrastructure is in accordance with the (senior-proof) road design guidelines, at what kind of roads and situations problems occur, and to what extent road authorities and designers give specific attention to this in policy and the design and maintenance of roads. In addition, the research will also lead to a better understanding of factors that influence compliance with design guidelines and provide recommendations and handles to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

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Start date: 01 Jan 2016