Basic data for road safety research

Within this (continuous) project, the SWOV activities consist of obtaining, improving and making available the basic data that are necessary for research and for identifying developments.

Research questions

  1. Which data sources are useful and reliable?
  2. Are changes in a particular series of data the result of an actual development or is it a trend break due to a change in the method used?
  3. Which data can be obtained via social media (Twitter) and can it indeed be used?
  4. Which big data applications are usable for road safety research?


Analysis of the development of road safety is only possible when reliable data is available. The sources that provide this data, however, are constantly on the move. For example, new sources (such as meta-data and databases with data that is derived from information of mobile phones) come into existence, while other sources are modified or disappear. It is therefore important to keep the finger on the pulse continuously.

An example: every year the number of serious road injuries is determined by linking hospital data and police data. The quality of this data is constantly under pressure because the registration has limitations. In addition to efforts to improve registration, SWOV also focuses on possible alternative sources to gain better insight in the actual number of serious road injuries. One possibility is the registration of ambulance rides.

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Start date: 01 Jan 2016
End date: 31 Dec 2016