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Webinar: learn more about the Road Safety Decision Support System

The SafetyCube European Conference on Better Decision Making for Road Safety was held successfully with more than 150 participants on 22-23 March 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

The Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS) was the main focus of the conference. The DSS is expected to enable policy-makers and stakeholders to select and implement the most appropriate strategies, measures and cost-effective approaches to reduce casualties of all road user types and all severities in Europe and worldwide.

Road Safety Decision Support System in 90 seconds

A short video presenting the Road Safety Decision Support System (DSS) was recently uploaded on the SafetyCube Youtube Channel. In 90 seconds you'll learn all about the Road Safety DSS. On the YouTube channel you'll also find 7 screencasts explaining the Road Safety DSS.


Next Tuesday, on April 10, 2018 at 11.00 CET, a webinar on the European road safety Decision Support System (DSS) will take place. The webinar concerns a one-hour training session for the use of the DSS, in which the system will be presented, including the alternative options and the various queries that users can make in order to have access to the knowledge of the DSS, as well as the available results.

The team of the EU Project SafetyCube will present you with all functionalities of the powerful tool ( and provide you with hands-on examples. Learn how the DSS can make your life in road safety easier!

Registration is open for everybody with a stake in road safety - from private persons and practitioners to scientists and decision makers.