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Texting behind the wheel with mobile phone in phone holder

SWOV researchers Doumen, van der Kint and Vlakveld published the report 'Texting behind the wheel with mobile phone in phone holder; Driving and viewing behaviour when texting in a driving simulator'. 

Drivers are legally prohibited from using a handheld phone while driving (Article 61a of RVV 1990). Telephone use is permitted, however, when the phone is mounted in a phone holder (mounted phone). As yet, not much research has been done into the hazards of texting with a mounted phone. What we do know is that texting with a handheld phone increases crash risk.

Previous research shows that drivers swerve more, show more speed variations and keep their eyes on the road (through windshields or mirrors) for shorter periods of time when they are texting with a handheld phone. In this study, we aim to find out if texting with a mounted phone affects behaviour in the same way.

The research question was:"What is the effect of texting with a mounted phone on driving and viewing behaviour and how does this relate to the effects of texting with a handheld phone?"

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Risks, Technology & ITS, Human behaviour in traffic