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SWOV's Marjan Hagenzieker appointed professor Traffic Safety at Delft University of Technology

SWOV's scientific advisor dr Marjan Hagenzieker has been appointed full professor Traffic Safety at Delft University of Technology. One of the themes she will focus on, is how to ensure road safety in modern urban environments with many different kinds of road users and divergent interests. Marjan Hagenzieker's appointment is effective from 1 September 2014.

Traffic safety education and research.

As a professor, Hagenzieker will focus on both teaching and research in the field of road safety, paying special attention to the behaviour of road users, which also has a significant impact on the design of roads and the development of vehicle technology. Cooperation with other organisations is therefore essential.

In addition to the research into the urban environment, other central research topics will include gaining a better understanding of the process leading up to a crash before designing effective road safety measures, and the influence of automation on road safety.

Behavioural scientist

Hagenzieker has been active in the field of road safety research for more than 25 years.
Originally a behavioural scientist, she obtained a PhD from Leiden University with research into the effects of rewarding road users for safe road user behaviour. Hagenzieker had already been working at Delft University of Technology as an associate professor since 2008.

She will combine her work as a scientific advisor at SWOV with her professorship. The appointment at the Transport and Planning department of the Civil Engineering and Geosciences faculty will be for a period of four years. In this capacity she will succeed Fred Wegman.