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SWOV member of Advisory Board UN Road Safety Trust Fund

The United Nations Road Safety Trust Fund, launched in April, aims to accelerate progress in improving global road safety by bridging the gaps in the mobilization of resources for effective action at all levels. Established at the request of the Secretary-General following the suggestion made by United Nations Member States, the Fund will mobilize resources from governments, intergovernmental or non-governmental organizations, the private sector, philanthropic organizations and individuals.

The Road Safety Trust Fund will be governed by an Advisory Board, a Steering Committee, a Secretariat and an Administrative Agent. The Advisory Board of the Trust Fund includes two members from Research and Acadamia institutions, where SWOV has the honour of filling one of these seats. SWOV's director Peter van der Knaap: "I look forward to sharing SWOV’s expertise in making the Fund a success”.

The other seat is filled by Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) from the Republic of Korea. The launch of this new Trust Fund highlights the necessity to step up investment in measures that lead to sustainable road safety. The Advisory Board had their first meeting in Geneva on August 9th and will reconvene November 21st.