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Sustainable Safety – 3rd edition: En route to a casualty-free road traffic system

The Dutch Sustainable Safety vision, developed in the 1990s, has been updated. The objective: maximum road safety for everyone, with a casualty-free traffic system as the ultimate ambition. This ambition is also expressed in the subtitle - 'Principles for the design and organization of a casualty-free road traffic system'. By following these principles,  the safety of the road traffic system can be enhanced to a maximum extent.

The Sustainable Safety vision was first published in 1992 and was updated in 2005 (English publication in 2006). SWOV director Peter van der Knaap: 'The third edition covers the period 2018-2030 and has been made future-proof’.

The Sustainable Safety approach has prevented many casualties in the Netherlands and together with the Swedish 'Vision Zero' it is internationally acknowledged as an example of a 'safe system' approach.  

SWOV was able to realize this third edition with the help of a large number of organizations.

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