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Stagnating road safety progress in the EU

A new report by the European Transport Safety Council shows that road safety progress in the European Union has stagnated for the last four years. 25,250 people lost their lives on EU roads in 2017, although road deaths declined by 2% last year, they have decreased by just 3% over four whole years since 2013.

This is substantially short of the decrease of 6.7% needed annually to meet the EU target of cutting road deaths by half over the decade to 2020. Up to now, Estonia and Greece are the only EU countries that look on course to meet this target. The Netherlands, together with Sweden and the UK, show the least progression in reduing the amount of road deaths.

According to Avenoso governments across the EU must up their game in months, not years, with better enforcement and urgent measures to reduce the main causes of death and serious injury, namely speeding, drink driving, distraction and failure to wear a seatbelt.


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