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Safetycube: new publications & webinar

On Tuesday April 10, a webinar on the European road safety Decision Support System (DSS) took place. The webinar concerned a one-hour training session for the use of the DSS. The SafetyCube team presented various functionalities of the powerful tool ( and provided participants with hands-on examples. For anyone who missed the opportunity to join this webinar, or attendees that would like to see it again, please find the webinar on the SafetyCube YouTube channel.

Implications of estimating road traffic serious injuries from hospital data

In most countries, road safety performance has traditionally been measured by the reduction of fatalities. However, crashes also cause numerous serious road injuries, resulting in considerable economic and human costs. To determine accurately the number of serious injuries at EU level and to compare serious injury rates between different countries it is essential to use a common definition. Read more in the new AAP paper: “Implications of estimating road traffic serious injuries from hospital data”.

Main lessons regarding serious road injuries

Wonder why it’s important to be careful when comparing figures from different countries ánd what you can do to improve comparability? Read more in the new TRR paper: “Serious Road Traffic Injuries in Europe, Lessons from the EU Research Project SafetyCube” .

Both papers were written by several researchers from the SafetyCube team including SWOV’s Wendy Weijermars and Niels Bos.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 633485.