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SafetyCube and InDeV: towards fruitful collaboration

On 28 January 2016, SWOV hosted a meeting of crash costs experts from the two EU projects SafetyCube and InDeV. Both projects are carried out within the European Horizon 2020 Programme.

Horizon 2020 projects

SafetyCube has the objective to develop an innovative and evidence-based road safety Decision Support System, a DSS. The DSS can be used to select the most appropriate strategies, measures and cost-effective approaches to reduce casualties of all road user types and of all severities in Europe and worldwide. SWOV is one of the partners in the SafetyCube project. InDeV’s objective is to improve the safety of vulnerable road users by developing an integrated methodology for understanding the causes of crashes involving  vulnerable road users. InDeV will also develop a framework for good practice for a comprehensive assessment of socio-economic costs related to these crashes.

Crash costs

SafetyCube will provide guidelines for the determination of crash costs and will determine crash costs for all EU member states. Specific attention is paid to the costs of serious road injuries. InDeV also aims to collect information on costs of crashes in different EU countries. To make sure decision makers have the best available information and to prevent sending two similar questionnaires to crash costs experts in EU member states, the two projects decided to work together. During the very fruitful first meeting together on January 28th in The Hague, SafetyCube and InDeV decided to liaise on the collection of information on costs of crashes and to have additional joint meetings in the future.

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